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Captime app offers all workout timers for CrossFit and high-intensity interval training workouts.


The features you always needed

The intuitive interface enables you to select advanced timers within seconds, including HIIT, AMRAP, TABATA, EMOM, and more.


Six-in-one Timer

Captime includes templates for common training formats. You can also use the custom timer to create one interval at a time if you want.


Video Mode

This is the first and only timer app with a video recording feature. Which enables you to record videos for your CrossFit competitions and challenges.


Voice Recognition

Management of timers without using your hands. You can stop the timer by shouting "TIME" or "STOP" when you finish your workout.

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It's time to smash your workout goals and achieve the maximum results using this professional timer app.

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It makes no difference if you workout at home or in the gym.

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Captime ensures that your workouts are effective regardless of where you train.

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5k+ athletes have said how good is Captime


“Most timers for HIIT and EMOM’s seem to be designed by people that don’t workout. This one has been the simplest to use and doesn’t interrupt with annoying advertising.”

Leslie Alexander

CrossFit Addict


“Great options, automatic countdown from 10sec. Fun, being able to tally rounds or stop the clock with a shout out.”

Jacob Jones

Sport Coach


“The home screen is really cool. The only time with EMOM 4 and EMOM 5 option”

Jenny Wilson

Graphic Designer

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