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January 13, 2022

Best alternative to Rogue Echo Gym Timer

For your home gym or CrossFit box, it’s crucial to invest in a good timer. Focus on your workout without dealing with your watch when you’re out of breath.

Keeping track of your reps or rounds is one of the most vital things to achieve your fitness goals, no matter where you perform your workouts. This way, you can add measurability to your workouts and structure your fitness regimen. The best way to achieve all this is to use a timer clock that helps you micro-schedule your movements in the middle of your gym activity.

Timer clocks come equipped with visual and auditory signals that can tell when to start or stop your movements. Some modern-day timers offer even more. One of the most popular options in this regard is the Rogue Echo Gym Timer, which consists of dedicated hardware running a specialized timer application. In the latter part of this post, we will describe the best alternative to Rogue Gym Timer. For now, let’s have a brief overview of why you should use a gym timer.

What Does A Typical Gym Timer Do?

  • It Helps Manage Time.

Athletes with busy schedules usually want to perform their workouts only for a limited number of minutes in a day. Other fitness enthusiasts do not want to waste their time scrolling on their phone screens when spacing out between reps or rounds. Both these groups of people can benefit from gym timers. These timers send timely signals to notify you when to start or end a particular set or take a break. In the end, they help you avoid uselessly lengthy sessions.

  • Effective Interval Training

Interval training refers to exercises that improve your cardiovascular health by increasing your heart rate. This fitness regimen involves high-intensity movements spaced at minimal resting periods. Hence, using a timer becomes crucial in such workouts as it notifies you when to start your workout, when to stop, and when to start over. Without a timer preset on interval training settings, it will be hard for you to keep track of when to begin and end your workout.

  • Measuring Progress

Counting the number of reps you can perform in a set is the primary way to measure your progress in any given workout. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done if you perform AMRAP or other forms of HIIT without the support of a preset timer. These timers help you use the time to measure your movements. The best thing about these timers is they take care of the counting process, helping you focus on your movements in a better way.


The Best Alternative To Rogue Echo Gym Timer

Rogue echo gym trainer is considered a gold standard in fitness circles, and for good reasons. It comes with several preset interval settings, which are also programmable. Hence, you can customize this timer according to your workout requirements or preferences.

But since Rogue Echo Gym Timer comes with specific hardware, you have to spend a fortune to have it set in your fitness training area. But does that mean you have got no options other than this timer? Well, no. Captime is one of the best alternatives to the Rogue Echo gym Timer.

Captime is a mobile app that you can install on your iPhone or iPad.

It comes with multiple preset timers for:

  • Tabata
  • EMOM
  • Interval
  • For Time (the voice recognition system that allows you to control the timer by screaming TIME or STOP)
  • Sally

This app also features a video timer recorder, which allows you to analyze your workout after you are done exercising. In short, Captime is an all-inclusive CrossFit timer app that helps you reach your top performance.

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February 15, 2022

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