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CrossFit Open
March 09, 2022

Steps To Getting Ready For the Next CrossFit Open

Doing well in the CrossFit Open is a wonderful feat that requires a great amount of hard work in the gym and outdoors. But don’t get overwhelmed by the thought of this challenge. All you need is to follow a proper schedule with a well-developed strategy. Eventually, you will get there.

Getting into the game shape before the CrossFit Open doesn’t necessarily need you to hire a coach if feasibility is your weak link. This article describes some effective ways to get ready for your next CrossFit Open.

Put Conditioning on Top Priority

Although you will be tempted to increase the amount of weight during deadlifting or snatching, doing so will not increase your workout speed. Remember, A CrossFit workout is more about speed and accuracy rather than dealing with an immense amount of weight. And since the prescribed weights in the CrossFit open are mostly light, your performance will depend more on how fast you move. Therefore, it is vital to put more emphasis on conditioning and skill.

Imitate Workouts from the Previous CrossFit Open

Challenges involved in CrossFit Open typically involve metcons, the short for metabolic conditioning workouts. The best way to be ready for these challenging moves is to practice previous CrossFit Open’s metcons. As a result, you will get enough skill and confidence to compete during the event.

Perfect your Moves

Apart from the surprise moves introduced during CrossFit Open, most other moves are usually a mandatory part of every event. Your best shot at winning in your category is identifying those necessary moves and practicing them to perfection. Workouts you will need to be really good at include pull-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups, HSPUs, bar muscle-ups, TTB, and handstand walk. Other workouts you need to practice a lot are bouncing box jumps, push-ups, burpees, and barbell cycling.

Steps To Getting Ready For the Next CrossFit Open

Modifying Your Training Strategy during Weeks before the Event

Entering the event with body aches and fatigue is the last thing you want. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the intensity of your workouts a week before the CrossFit Open. This week is also referred to as the recovery week, during which you train less and rest more. So, instead of engaging in intense AMRAPs, you can work on your skill and do some cardio.

Get Into the Right Mindset

The chance of you winning in the Open will be high if you are not stressed, both mentally and physically. This is the time when you will need to use all your capability, which you won’t be able to do if the event has a haunting effect on you.

You can be in the right mindset by:

  • Enjoying the environment
  • Seeing the Open as an opportunity to analyze your capability
  • Having fun with others in the competition

Use Tech To Get Help

Last but not least, using a programmed CrossFit timer app can help you get ready for the Open like a Pro. With the workout strategy developed, your toughest challenge is to keep up with the plan every day, especially if you are training without coaching. The timer app will help you meet this significant requirement in the easiest way possible.

One of the best apps to use in this regard is CapTime, the CrossFit Timer app to adjust the speed of your AMRAPs, HIITs, TABATAs, Sallys, and EMOMs. Additionally, this app comes with a video recording feature to allow you to see your moves and apply necessary modifications. This feature records your workout with a timer, helping you calculate the number of reps performed as well as the adjustment required in your workout.

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