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March 10, 2022

Top 5 Athletes Crossfit Open 2023 - Leaderboad

The Open is held over 3 weeks, and a series of workouts are released weekly for competitors to complete. Athletes who wish to progress further in individual competitions need to perform the workouts as prescribed

Every week competitors perform the workouts and submit their scores online before a specified time. This should be supported by either video like in Captime of their workouts or validations by a CrossFit affiliate.

In every event, the competitors are ranked according to their performance. They gain points awarded directly corresponding to their rank. The winner is the one with the lowest cumulative points over the course of the Open.

The 2022 CrossFit Games season will begin with the worldwide NOBULL CrossFit Games Open on Feb. 24, 2022. Open registration starts Jan. 13, 2023.

The Open will be the first step toward qualification for the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games. Open are a three-week competition.

I look forward to cheering on the top athletes in the Sport of Fitness with you in 2023!

And if you’re among the dedicated few with aspirations to rise to the top: Good luck, and we hope to see you in Madison!

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